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How to choose the suitable pre-designed ElectroniCase model :

To make the right decision, when it comes to choosing a suitable pre-designed model for the development of a bespoke custom designed enclosure, front panel, cover or housing for an electronic device, ask yourself the right questions:

What is the application environment of my device for which I wish to develop a bespoke custom design enclosure? Will the device be installed on a desk or table? Wall mounted? Hand held?

Do I need access to the inside of the device? From the top, side or the rear part of the device?

Once the components will have been assembled, do they have to be accessible for maintenance? Via a door, trap-door or a lid?

Which shape is the most adapted for my device?

How do I need to mount/fix my components inside? Which design would be the most suitable to facilitate the mounting of my components?

Which degree of robustness am I looking for? Raw material thickness 3mm or 4mm?

Does my enclosure have to be made out of flame retardant raw material or comply to a norm, such as UL 94 V-0?

Examples developed, designed and manufactured by ElectroniCase :



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