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“Standard to configure” What does this mean?

Only the model type (production design / shape) will be defined. It is up to you, to make your choice within a large database of “standard” ElectroniCase models. After this point the enclosure becomes “customised”, as you define your dimensions, your cut outs, your internal fixtures, your marking (logo/instructions) and your painting (optional).

Standard stands for the product design; Customised stands for the rest: the dimensions, the cut outs, the fixtures, the marking and the paint.

Standard concerns the product designs. We have worked out various product designs, that cover the most current utilisation needs. You must choose amongst those models.

Yes, this is a juxtaposition of two words in the form of an oxymoron. De facto, those 2 words cover the reality: We start with a standard model, for which the product design exists. This model is then configured, adapted to your dimensions and finishing becoming after this work “customised”.