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Finishing: Paint, Clear Varnish & Print

Mono or bi-component paint

Standard or extra robust clear varnish

All RAL shades (or the corresponding pantone) mixed and created in our paint shop

Finish types available: Glossy, satin and mat finish

Yes we have all kind of finishing and shades.

Marking an enclosure has 2 main goals:

  • Functional:
    • To indicate a function or an instruction
    • To identify a product
    • To inform about a norm or a specific precaution
  • Aesthetics:
    • To decorate and to embellish
    • To suggest images of the usage or how to put the device into operation

We furthermore offer labels, domes, marked tailor-made polycarbonate (lexan) and engraving.

For certain large serial production runs, we do have the equipment to work with screen- or tampon print.

We have inhouse digital printers and mark all our enclosures with this technology. It opens a large range of possibilities such as four-colour printing.

The cost of the varnish and/or the paint depends on the size and the shape of your enclosure. It must be calculated for each project. On average, you can budget a 75€ flat charge for the prototype and approximately 10% of the price per enclosure for a serial production quantity of 100 pieces.