Since 1985, our experienced enclosure engineers have designed more than 10,000 bespoke custom designed enclosures. We put our expertise at your service.


Our technical sales team and the design office have the operational experience regarding the constraints of your application environment :

  • Raw materials specific to the environment of use, oil in workshops, chemical reaction through disinfection, UL flame-retardant, Reach, RoHS, temperature variations and peaks.
  • Specific requests for mechanical resistance, design strength, reinforcement parts and robust heavy-duty raw materials.
  • Integration of heavy components (> 10kg). Resistant housings, suitable for transport and / or vibration.
  • Considering specific aspects and tolerances and understanding their explicit constraints.
  • Including sliding drawers for tools or accessories.
  • Considering constraints for maintenance: safe access to electronic components, rapid mounting features (hook, slide in groove for PCBs), adapted locking systems.
  • Including easy manipulation features: carrying handles, grips, wheels ….

Continued and discontinued processes, general electronic, control and measurement