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  • ElectroniCase

    • What is ElectroniCase?

      ElectroniCase is a brand of LTP. It is a range of pre – designed enclosures, which can be configured as per your specifications. The range ElectroniCase is based on the LTP technology, which has been invented for this purpose: designing and manufacturing customised enclosure WITHOUT ANY TOOLING costs. Once you have chosen the right model within the ElectroniCase range, you can configure it entirely as per your needs (dimensions, milling, finishing, internal fixtures, etc.); Like this a « standard » model becomes unique and entirely customised.

  • ElectroniCase a low-cost solution

    • I need a very simple enclosure. Are your solutions low-cost?

      Our product designs have been worked out to keep production costs at lowest. Furthermore, we are present in over 7 countries via this webpage, accessible to anybody, which means, that with this positioning, we are currently faced to permanent competition.

  • Standard or Standard to configure?

    • Why would I choose an ElectroniCase enclosure and not a Standard enclosure?

      Because you have in just 1 step a totally customised enclosure, no need to rework, which is still very economic, quick and simple.

    • Will I have to take care of the cut outs for windows and the marking of my logo?

      No, with ElectroniCase, you will receive an enclosure ready to be used and entirely finalized. There will be no need to re-mill or embellish.

      •   The wholes and cut outs are already integrated
      •   The fixtures are positionned
      •   The marking and finishing has been done

      1 single supplier for your enclosure

    • How can I make sure, that my components mount correctly in the ElectroniCase housing?

      During the product design, we will adapt ourselves to your PCB, your components and their implementation: You will not have to rework or adapt your electronic elements. Before starting the production of the prototype, our team can send you a 3D to validate the drawing. You can also send us your parts. The prototype will allow you to check the mounting of your components in the enclosure.

  • “Standard to configure” What does this mean?

    • How do I have to understand “customised standard enclosure” or “standard to configure” ?

      Yes, this is a juxtaposition of two words in the form of an oxymoron. De facto, those 2 words cover the reality: We start with a standard model, for which the product design exists. This model is then configured, adapted to your dimensions and finishing becoming after this work “customised”.

    • What does the word “standard” in the context of ElectroniCase mean?

      Standard concerns the product designs. We have worked out various product designs, that cover the most current utilisation needs. You must choose amongst those models.

    • What does the word “customised” in the context of ElectroniCase mean?

      Standard stands for the product design; Customised stands for the rest: the dimensions, the cut outs, the fixtures, the marking and the paint.

    • At what point my enclosure becomes “customised”?

      Only the model type (production design / shape) will be defined. It is up to you, to make your choice within a large database of “standard” ElectroniCase models. After this point the enclosure becomes “customised”, as you define your dimensions, your cut outs, your internal fixtures, your marking (logo/instructions) and your painting (optional).

  • What about the price?

    • What is the approximate price for an ElectroniCase enclosure?

      The price depends on the project and requested finishing. The price is situated approximately between 195€ and 800€.

  • What about the quantities?

    • For now I plan on small series. What happens if my quantities increase?

      Our technology is adapted to small and medium size serial production runs and efficient from ten to thousands of parts. The drop over point to the injection moulding technology, depends on the type of the product and the anticipation of the product stabilization without any modifications.

      If your enclosure faces a market with big series of several thousands of parts, our LTP-Multitechnology-Team, specialised in sub-contracting will take over and propose a transfer to the adapted technology at that point in time (most probably injection).

    • Up to which quantity this specific technology « Tôlerie Plastique » of ElectroniCase is suitable?

      Our technology for small and medium size production runs is efficient from a dozen up to several thousand. The breaking point with the injection technology depends upon the type of the product and the anticipation of the product stability without modification.

      If your enclosure faces a market with big series of several thousands of parts, our LTP-Multitechnology-Team, specialised in sub-contracting will take over and propose a transfer to the adapted technology at that point in time (most probably injection).

  • Prototype EC

    • I am looking for a small serial production run. Is the prototype compulsory or can I go directly into serial production?

      Yes the prototype is compulsory to validate the product design. It is also the contractual reference for the serial production.

    • How will my product design be materialised?

      The product design of an enclosure or housing, will be materialised via 2 steps:

      •   A technical 3D drawing
      •   A complete prototype, including all requested finishing specifications (print, varnish)
  • Chosing the right ElectroniCase model and product design

    • In each enclosure product group, there are several product designs. How to choose?

      The choice of the product design, depends upon the mounting method of your components and the use.

      You can independently choose on our webpage or ask our service team for help: The button « contact » can be found on each page.

    • Can the ElectroniCase team assist me in choosing the right model?

      Based on your needs, which only you know or sketches should allow you to make your choice. If you do have a question our service team would be delighted to help. The button « contact » can be found on each page.

    • There are several models per product design: How shall chose the right one?

      Once the actual product design will have been chosen, the model type is only down to taste and aesthetic criteria, which are up to you.

  • Ordering and ElectroniCase enclosure

    • How can I order an ElectroniCase enclosure?

      You can order the enclosure based on the approved instant quote. In the step after approval you can decide to place the order either directly online or via our service team.

      Link: How it works? How to order

  • Comparison of ElectroniCase Technology against other technologies:

    • Where is the technology « Tôlerie Plastique » situated, compared to 3D print, thermoforming and injection?

      We have conducted a detailed study which you can find on the following link:  Advantages 

  • Technical Advice & Support

    • I need technical advice in choosing the right product design and in defining my enclosure. How must I proceed?

      Do not hesitate to contact our service team, who will give you advice and accompany you in the decision process. The button « contact » can be found on each page.

  • Design (Visual & External)

    • Do you have a designer?

      Yes, we do have an internal designer, who has designed the models of the ElectroniCase product range including the basic models but also the additional once with decorative grooves, overlapping edges etc. If none of those models suites you, we can design one for you.

    • What kind of different designs can you produce?

      For a « standard to be configured » enclosure, you can choose among a wide selection in our ElectroniCase product range.

    • Can you base the design of an enclosure on a given design?

      Yes, but only within the LTP offer and within the feasibility of the technology "Tôlerie Plastique".

      The button « contact LTP » is available on each page.

  • Raw Material

    • What kind of raw material is available to produce my enclosure?

      The available raw materials are: White or black ABS and black polycarbonate.

    • What raw material is used for the windows?

      The windows are made of transparent PMMA.

    • Do you have self-extinguishing raw material?

      Yes, we have self-extinguishing PS choc classified ULV0 available.

    • What about ecology?

      We recycle a big majority of the plastic sheet waste. Like this we contribute towards the optimisation of the plastic raw material life cycle.

  • Lead time PROTOTYPE & SERIAL production

    • You say « your prototype within 5 days », but what is the real lead time to receive my prototype?

      As specified on the web page under « Delivery Time » the lead time is 5 day working days, commencing upon receipt of all necessary technical information for your enclosure without any finishing. To this lead time you must add days, if we need to mount components, for print and for varnish. A lead time can go up to 16 working days, starting from the day, we will have received complete information.

    • What is the lead time of the serial production?

      After the validation of the prototype, the lead time for ElectroniCase product range is standard: 3 weeks

    • Are your lead times and confirmed shipping dates reliable?

      Yes, they are. Our organisation and procedures have been put in place to ensure this reliability.

    • We are talking about a tailor-made / customised production. What happens if there is an unforeseeable incident during prototype or serial production?

      In the case, that unforeseeable incidents prevent us from respecting the confirmed shipping date, our service team will inform you as quickly as possible.

  • ElectronCase Instant Quote

    • I would like to quickly receive a quote. What is the lead time to receive it?

      The « instant quote » on the ElectroniCase webpage, allows you to define your project by yourself and to receive your personal quote immediately under the section « customer account ».

    • Can I generate several quotes for the same project?

      Yes of course, you can generate as many quotes as you like for the different versions of your enclosure project.

    • What do I commit to, in generating a quote?

      Only to receiving the price information, nothing else. The generation and reception of an instant quote is without any obligation and totally free of charge. You will however not receive the quote by email. You will have to download it from your « customer account ».

    • Will I be obliged to order after generating an instant quote or requesting its validation?

      If you do not place consciously an order, you will not commit to anything. The quote and validation of a quote are totally free of charge.

    • What do I commit to, if I ask the ElectroniCase team to validate my quote?

      Asking for validation of an instant quote triggers a phone call from the ElectroniCase team to check if the chosen model is adapted to your needs.

      You do not commit to anything.

      If you do not place an official order, there will be no commitment.

  • Technical date: Instant QUOTE

    • Do I have to submit all the technical data and information during the instant quote?

      Our team does not need any information at this state, as you do generate the instant quote online by yourself. Detailed information is however helpful to advice you and compulsory for the production.

  • Technical date: VALIDATION of the instant QUOTE

    • Do I have to submit all the technical data and information during the validation of an instant quote?

      Our team does not need any information at this state, as you do generate the instant quote online by yourself. Detailed information is however helpful to advice you and compulsory for the production.

  • Configuration & Conception EC

    • Will I have to do the cut outs and necessary milling?

      No, all cut outs and milling steps will be defined during conception of the enclosure and executed during the production run. You will receive an enclosure, ready to be used.

  • Watertightness

    • Are the EC enclosures watertight?

      No, within the EC production range, they are not watertight. They can however be adapted by the LTP service, in creating a entirely personalized enclosure. Our team will suggest the most adapted solution. Please note, however, that LTP does supply an official certificate.

  • Finishing: Paint, Varnish, Clear Varnish & Print

    • Is it possible to get a bi-coloured enclosure? I.e. the front panel in white ABS and the rest in a different colour?

      This depends on the chosen model. For the EC10-100-0 it is possible, as the enclosure is made of two mechanically separate parts.

      Our team will advise you.

    • What are the extra costs for paint or varnish?

      The costs of the varnish and/or the paint depend upon the size and the shape of the enclosure. They must be calculated for each project. On average, one can expect a flat rate of 75€ for a prototype and approximately 10% of the enclosure serial price for 100 pieces.

    • Can you do the print/marking of my enclosure?

      Yes, any print or marking is made on site with our digital printer, which allows a wide range of possibilities, including four-colour printing.

    • Can you do four-colour printing?

      Yes, our digital printer allows all kind of marking, including four-colour printing.

    • What are the available enclosure colours?

      The raw material is either white or black. With the paint option all tones and finishings are possible. Our team will assist you in making the right choice.

    • Are all tones and finishings available?

      Yes, all tones and finishings among the RAL or Pantone range are available.

  • Manufacturing an enclosure for electronic devices by using the metal sheet bending technology: "Tôlerie Plastique"

    • I need an enclosure or a housing for my device, but I do not have the time to manufacture a mould nor tooling. Do you have a solution for me?

      Yes of course. It has been our job for over 30 years. We can offer you to design and produce a customized enclosure without any mould, based on plastic sheets, via our in-house owned technology: « Tôlerie Plastique ». The technology « Tôlerie Plastique » has been invented with this goal: Designing and producing customized plastic enclosures and housings WITHOUT any mould for small and medium size production runs.

    • I need quality enclosure & housing. Is the technology « La Tôlerie Plastique » suitable?

      It is the most performing technology for small and medium production runs. The final quality is close to the injection one.

    • What happens if I need to make modifications from one serial production to the other?

      As this technology does not request any specific mould nor tooling, evolutions are possible before any serial production, through the modification of the programmes.

    • Is this technology reliable? Where does it come from?

      The technology « Tôlerie Plastique » has been invented in 1985 by the founder of the company LTP. Since than it is a proven technology and we manufacture over 200 000 enclosures every year.

    • What does the technology « Tôlerie Plastique » consist of?

      We break down the volume of the enclosure or the housing into elementary parts, which are than milled flat in plastic sheets. Some are formed on our bending machines, finalized in our production – still without any mould -, and then assembled via different gluing methods or chemical welding.

  • Test one’s market without investing

    • I need to test my market without investing in expensive tooling. Do you have a solution for me?

      The technology « Tôlerie Plastique » is the most efficient for small and medium size production runs and allows to test a market. We design and produce your enclosure without any mould. Without any investment costs, you will receive a prototype ready to be used, entirely personalized with the possibility of evolution between each serial production. A perfect solution to test and than adapt your device.

      In case you plan entering a market with big serial productions, we will suggest to test via 3D printing, with a shape, that can be transferred to injection. That means we offer injection serial production for series with high quantities.                                                                                                                       

  • Your contacts at LTP

    • How will your team take my request into consideration and how will they handle it?

      Each prospect and customer is assigned to an experienced technical sales person. This person will see your project through from the beginning to the end, will bring answers to your questions and advise, for the most adapted solution

    • Who will take on responsibility for the product design of my enclosure or housing?

      After approval of the quote generated by the technical sales person, each project is assigned to a technician of our construction office. Who will be in contact with you during the entire process of your product design.

    • Who do I have to contact for administrative questions?

      For administrative questions (order processing, order confirmation, shipping date, payment, transport etc.) our English-speaking Customer Service is at your disposal.

    • What happens, if I receive a serial production, which is not conform to the validated prototype?

      Our company has certified all processes – product design and production -  under the Norm ISO 9001. If a quality issue is detected, our after sales service will handle the claim until the issue will have been entirely solved.

  • Modifications & Evolutions

    • What happens if my components develop or change?

      No mould nor tooling: We will adapt the milling programmes and the assembly procedure. The possibility of modification is one of the main added values of our technology.

  • Quality

    • What about the quality of your products?

      Controls have been integrated into each step of the process, from the quotation to the shipment. All processes are certified ISO 9001.

    • Do you have quality cerfificates ?

      Each operation technical sales, administration, product design and manufacturing are included into our ISO 9001 certification. The certificate is available on our webpage: Process

  • Quantity

    • I do not have big serial productions: May I nevertheless have a customized enclosure ?

      The « Tôlerie Plastique » is the most adapted and the most economical solution for small and medium size serial productions.

  • Quantity PROTOTYPE

    • Can I order several prototypes?

      Yes the production quantity is 1 – 5 for a prototype production run.


    • I target small and medium production runs, what if my quantities increase?

      Our technologies for small and medium size production runs are efficient from a dozen to several thousands of parts. The tipping point towards the injection technology depends on the type of project and the anticipation of the product stability without any modification.

      Once this point will have been reached, and it becomes more cost-effective to change to another technology, LTP will suggest the transfer to the most adapted technology at that moment in time (most probably injection), via our division: « LTP-Multitechnology ».

    • Up to which quantity your technologies for small and medium size production runs are suitable?

      If your enclosure meets a market of big series with thousands of parts, our subcontracting division « LTP-Multitechnology » will take the responsibility to suggest a transfer towards the most adapted solution at the moment (most probably injection).

  • The technologies to manufacture an enclosure for your electronic device.

    • I do not want to be blocked into one solution;

      Without the need to produce a mould the lead-time to receive a prototype within the technology « Tôlerie Plastique » is very short. This will allow you to choose afterwards the most adapted technology based on your needs. Within the offer of our subcontracting team « LTP-Multitechnology » we will be able to propose other solutions.

    • What is the starting point for a production without any mould nor tooling?

      Starting with plastic sheets of different thicknesses, we mill elementary parts. Those parts are afterwards put in shape through standard production methods (no mould), before being assembled.

    • How are those elementary parts assembled?

      For the assembly, we use a solvent, producing a cold welding effect. In the inside of the enclosure we position fixing part such as: standoffs, spacer rings, plots, inserts and rails. The assembled enclosure is like this ready for the final finishing step: painting, marking and clear varnish.

      All those operations or production steps are carried out in our production plant on site.

  • Prototype

    • Is a prototype compulsory?

      Yes a prototype is compulsory to validate the product design. It also serves as reference for serial productions.

    • How will be the final look of my enclosure?

      Your enclosure will be shipped « ready to be used ». Its final look will be close to the one to injection. The main difference will be the existence of connection lines, which have chamfers and visually aesthetic. A photo gallery of enclosure examples is available on our web page: Gallery

  • Choosing the right technology to « dress » your electronics.

    • How would you choose the right technology or technologies?

      The choice is based on mechanical and aesthetic needs, on technical limitations and forecasted quantities on your market. They will be presented to you for discussion and validation.

    • Can you assist me in making the choice?

      Our teams will reply more precisely to your questions with regards towards the application environment of your device. We are the specialist for the « Tôlerie Plastique », but via our offer « LTP-Multitechnology », we can propose alternatives. Our objective is to suggest an adapted solution.

  • Complex ou Simple? How to choose between LTP "entirely customized" & ElectroniCase "standard to configure"?

    • My enclosure is simple, do you have any quick and low-cost solutions?

      Yes. We have identified the need for the most current enclosures and developed a specific offer: ElectroniCase.

      This is a range of pré-designed standard enclosures, to configure, that allow a quick and low-cost production. You can find further information and the models on:

    • What is the product range ElectroniCase?

      ElectroniCase is a very innovative offer in the plastic enclosure market: A range of pre-designed standard enclosures to configure. This range is entirely customizable and configurable: dimensions, cut outs, fixtures etc. You can find further information online:

      Furthermore, ElectroniCase allows to create an instant quote, based on your specifications, independently online.

    • So I can generate a quote immediately online for a « customized » and « tailor-made » product?

      Yes, exactly. You choose a model and enter the dimensions, which you require. You also must indicate specifications such as cut outs, recess, windows, vents, internal fixtures, print, paint and/or clear varnish. The quote will be immediately available online in your account. Setting up an account and generating an instant quote are totally free of charge and without any commitment.

    • How can I set up an account on ?

      This is very simple: You only have to fill in online your contact details and activate your account via the link sent to you in an email. Attention the VAT number is compulsory.

    • I have just set up my company and I have not yet received my VAT number. How shall I proceed?

      Just contact us directly. Our team will find a solution for you.

  • The application sectors

    • I have a need, that seems quite specific to me, in a very particular environment; are you used to handle those kind of requests?

      LTP was found in 1985 and for over 30 years, we have remained in this market: designing plastic enclosures and housings for electronic devices. The LTP teams have designed and manufactures, over 12 000 new products for all kind of application sectors: Health & Beauty (medical, laboratory, paramedical, cosmetic), Tertiary (detection and security, office, professional IT) and Industry (continued and discontinued processes, general electronics, control and mesurement). For this reason, we are familiar with almost all the difficulties and needs linked to all kind of environments. Our teams will provide you with advice and the most adapted solutions.

  • Choosing between a metal and a plastic enclosure

    • What are the advantages of a plastic enclosure?
      • Less weight: easier handling and less transport costs
      • Plastic can be worked/milled in its thickness for better aesthetics: round edges, decorating groves, chamfer
      • Better adequation of the raw material to the application environment: Health & Beauty and Tertiary for example.
    • What are the advantages of a metal enclosure?

      The usage of metal is necessary for the following applications:

      • Public areas without any surveillance (vandalism)
      • Exposition to extreme weather conditions
      • Specific needs for reinforced mechanical robustness
  • Raw material

    • Which type of plastic raw material is mainly used?

      The current raw materials are: ABS, PS choc, polycarbonate and PMMA.

    • Which are the raw materials most suitable for mechanical resistance?

      For specific mechanical resistance, we use polycarbonate.

    • Which are the raw materials most suitable for chemical resistance?

      For specific chemical resistance, we use PVC.

    • Which are the raw materials most suitable for windows?

      Windows are made of PMMA or transparent polycarbonate.

    • Do you have flame retardant raw materials?

      Yes we do have flame retardant raw material classified ULV0, to meet this need.

  • Technical data for the PRODUCT DESIGN.

    • What do you need to design my enclosure or the housing for my electronic device ?

      We need no more, than the elements that you have in your possession, no matter their nature: From a detailed, complete technical drawing to physical components in a box – in this case we take over the implantation. In between those extremes any option is possible.

    • We do have all mechanical drawings, with the dimensions of the windows, milling and necessary internal fixtures.

      This is also suitable for us. Just send us the documents in your possession and we will use them in the most adapted way.

    • What do you need to design and manufacture the prototype of my enclosure?

      We need no more, than the elements that you have in your possession, no matter their nature: From a detailed, complete technical drawing to physical components in a box – in this case we take over the implantation. In between those extremes any option is possible.

  • CAD Software (Computer Assisted Design)

    • Which CAD Software do you use? In which format do I need to provide the drawings?

      We work with the latest version of SolidWorks; we can read and work with almost all extensions: STEP, IGES, STL, DWG, DXF, ….

    • I do not have any CAD software. What happens in this case?

      Our team will send you any documents for validation or viewing in a PDF 3D format. For this format, you do not need any specific software. This format is 100% compatible with all IT systems (Microsoft, MAC etc).

  • A complex housing

    • My housing is most certainly very complex; can you call upon various technologies?

      In certain cases, we can combine the technologies below:

      • Internal metal structure
      • Metal parts or parts produced through 3D printing
      • Parts produced through thermal forming
      • Parts produced through injection

      Our LTP-Multitechnology Team has chosen a range of suppliers; we take over the dialogue and the following up from the « product design » all the way to the « goods in control » upon reception.

  • Finishing: Paint, Clear Varnish & Print

    • What is the additional cost, if I want to paint my enclosure?

      The cost of the varnish and/or the paint depends on the size and the shape of your enclosure. It must be calculated for each project. On average, you can budget a 75€ flat charge for the prototype and approximately 10% of the price per enclosure for a serial production quantity of 100 pieces.

    • Do you have print and marking solutions?

      We have inhouse digital printers and mark all our enclosures with this technology. It opens a large range of possibilities such as four-colour printing.

    • Isn’t digital printing very pricy for large serial production runs?

      For certain large serial production runs, we do have the equipment to work with screen- or tampon print.

    • What other type of marking than digital print can you offer?

      We furthermore offer labels, domes, marked tailor-made polycarbonate (lexan) and engraving.

    • For which other purpose than the logo, would I mark my enclosure?

      Marking an enclosure has 2 main goals:

      • Functional:
        • To indicate a function or an instruction
        • To identify a product
        • To inform about a norm or a specific precaution
      • Aesthetics:
        • To decorate and to embellish
        • To suggest images of the usage or how to put the device into operation
    • Can you paint or varnish?

      Yes we have all kind of finishing and shades.

    • What kind of paint is available?

      Mono or bi-component paint

      Standard or extra robust clear varnish

      All RAL shades (or the corresponding pantone) mixed and created in our paint shop

      Finish types available: Glossy, satin and mat finish

  • Electro-magnetic protection (EMI paint)

    • What is EMI?

      EMI means « electro-magnetic-influence ». It is the electromagnetic compatibility of a device, without causing electromagnetic interference to its environment.

    • Do you have solutions for EMC?

      Yes, we can fully or partly apply a conductive cupper paint.


    • Can you provide for example an IP conformity certificate?

      As our enclosures are only a part of the device or of a whole system, it is up to the final customer to test and certify the product. LTP does not provide any certificate. Depending on the suppliers, documents such as Safety Data Sheets and AE certifications are available upon request.

  • Fixing the components inside the housing.

    • How can I fix my components in the inside of my enclosure or my housing?

      The study of how to implant the components is part of the product design and will be materialised through the "prototype". We anticipate all kind of solutions to allow easy mounting : Gooves for the PCB (printed circuit board), standoffs, inserts, blocs with inserts etc.

  • Our workshops

    • Which production steps are realised within your workshops onsite??

      All necessary production steps, from the product design, to the production and the finishing of your enclosure or your housing through the technology « Tôlerie Plastique », are realised here in our factory in Octeville – sur – Mer (Normandy, France). The production steps for 3D printing are partly done here on site (technology FDM), and partly done by our carefully selected subcontractors (SLS, SLA, Multi-jets).

    • Do you subcontract or outsource any of the production steps?

      The only sub-contracted our outsourced production steps are other technologies such as metal bending, injection or thermal forming.

    • Which production steps are made on site and which are outsourced?

      All necessary production steps, from the product design, to the production and the finishing of your enclosure or your housing through the technology « Tôlerie Plastique », are realised here in our factory in Octeville – sur – Mer (Normandy, France). The production steps for 3D printing are partly done here on site (technology FDM), and partly done by our carefully selected subcontractors (SLS, SLA, Multi-jets).