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Standard or Standard to configure?

During the product design, we will adapt ourselves to your PCB, your components and their implementation: You will not have to rework or adapt your electronic elements. Before starting the production of the prototype, our team can send you a 3D to validate the drawing. You can also send us your parts. The prototype will allow you to check the mounting of your components in the enclosure.

No, with ElectroniCase, you will receive an enclosure ready to be used and entirely finalized. There will be no need to re-mill or embellish.

  •   The wholes and cut outs are already integrated
  •   The fixtures are positionned
  •   The marking and finishing has been done

1 single supplier for your enclosure

Because you have in just 1 step a totally customised enclosure, no need to rework, which is still very economic, quick and simple.