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The technologies to manufacture an enclosure for your electronic device

For the assembly, we use a solvent, producing a cold welding effect. In the inside of the enclosure we position fixing part such as: standoffs, spacer rings, plots, inserts and rails. The assembled enclosure is like this ready for the final finishing step: painting, marking and clear varnish.

All those operations or production steps are carried out in our production plant on site.

Starting with plastic sheets of different thicknesses, we mill elementary parts. Those parts are afterwards put in shape through standard production methods (no mould), before being assembled.

Without the need to produce a mould the lead-time to receive a prototype within the technology « Tôlerie Plastique » is very short. This will allow you to choose afterwards the most adapted technology based on your needs. Within the offer of our subcontracting team « LTP-Multitechnology » we will be able to propose other solutions.