LTP Process invented in 1985

Invented in 1985 by the founder of the French company La Tôlerie Plastique (Normandy), the LTP Process is a combination of technologies borrowed from the cabinet fabrication with wood and metal sheets. Since then it is a proven technology and we manufacture over 200 000 enclosures per year.

All those operations or production steps are carried out in our production plant on site.

  • The enclosure is broken down to individual elements.
  • Each element is machined out of plastic panels, with cut outs, holes and vents adapted to the electronic equipment.
  • The forming of the plastic parts is done without specific tailor-made tools through mechanical folding and bending (no injection mould).
  • All parts are assembled by cold welding through the application of a solvent, which creates an enclosure quality comparable to injection moulding.
  • The finished enclosure can be equipped with inserts, mounting features, self-adhesive rubber feet, locks, handles, hinges, windows, ...
  • The finishing steps are all executed in-house: paint, clear varnish and digital print.

Technology “no-mould”

This unique “no-mould” process is the most performing technology for small and medium production runs. The final quality is close to the injection one.

The entire design and manufacturing process is ISO certified.

LTPCASE Certification

ISO 9001