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LTPCASE in brief

We design and manufacture custom plastic enclosures for electronic and mechanical devices sold in a broad range of application sectors: medical, healthcare, aeronautic, OEM, control and instrumentation, analysis and laboratories, computing, industries....


We have been designing and manufacturing plastic enclosures and plastic covers for more than 30 years on the European market and the North American Market, with 2 entities: La Tôlerie Plastique, located in Octeville sur Mer, 76, France (European market) and Toolless, located in Everett WA USA (US Market).

Thanks to our experience, we have identified needs that are shared with a large number of companies: high quality electronic enclosure made to your dimension but designed and turned around in a very short lead time: guaranteed! 

Who are our customers?

Who are our customers?

Engineers, purchasers, managers and/or technical managers, from small business to multinational companies in needs of plastic enclosures.

For more than 30 years, we have served over 15 countries. 

How to work with LTPCASE?

Electronic custom enclosures

We manufacture plastic enclosures to your dimensions, with standard or flame-retardant plastic with specific features such as: standoffs/bosses, threaded inserts, openings/cut-outs, clear acrylic windows, part graving or, engraving and digital print according to your needs and specifications.

From 5 days lead time

Our design and manufacturing process is reliable and fast: all you need to focus on is to finalize your electronics parts and components, we take care of the enclosure for you.

No minimum quantities, no tooling charge

Our unique zero tooling, zero mould process means no additional time, no investment, no minimum quantity! Our goal is to help you design your project, with equal priority between prototyping and production run. 

How to work with LTPCASE?

Lean Manufacturing

We have totally reconfigured our engineering R&D and manufacturing process to offer our high-quality custom enclosures.

LTPCASE lead times

  • For a basic version of a pre-designed ElectroniCase model, our lead times start from 5 working days for a prototype and 10 working days for a serial production run.
  • In some cases, (specific material, digital print, and/or more than 250 units) or a DesignCase enclosure , additional time will be required.
  • The prototype lead time depends upon the receipt of all necessary information to design the enclosure.
  • The serial production run depends upon the receipt of the prototype approval, or modification approval.
LTPCASE lead times

Reliable quality

  • ElectroniCase and DesignCase are two solutions for enclosure developement from the ISO 9001 certified company: "La Tôlerie Plastique"
  • Fabrication is based on Agile/Kanban and Lean-manufacturing
  • REACH and RoHS certification can be provided
  • More than 30 years expertise and inventor of the no-mould technology
  • Quality Control and RMA services
Reliable quality

We design plastic enclosures for various players and markets

Health & Beauty SectorService IndustryIndustry Sector

Health & Beauty Sector

Service Industry

Industry Sector

Medical engineering, laboratory technology, cosmetic and laser technology

Surveillance and security equipment, IT and building technology, RFID, IoT (Internet of Things)

Remote control modules for production plans, control and measurement devices, various electronic devices

The character of this technology guarantees

An economic solution

An economic solution, through the saving of expensive mould tools.

ISO 9001
Short and quick reaction lead-times

Short and quick reaction lead-times, through the cut out of the mould R & D.

Flexibility, as the technical features

Flexibility, as the technical features, can be developed or modified any time between each serial production run.

Thanks to the technology used by LTPCASE, ensure yourself the most efficient and most economic manufacturing method for small and medium series of custom plastic enclosures.