Since 1985, our experienced enclosure engineers have designed more than 10,000 bespoke custom designed enclosures. We put our expertise at your service.

Our technical sales team and the design office have the operational experience regarding the constraints of your application environment :

  • The cleaning and disinfection necessity of the devices :
    • Chemical resistance of the materials used
    • Solution for apparent grooves linked to the LTP technology
  • Information required for the CE file marking
  • Integration of accessories and components: articulated arm, storage space for hand pieces, pumps, storage drawer
  • Rolling stability of rolling machines: Calculation of the wheelbase according to the centre of gravity
  • Considering specific points of tolerance: specific control during the production process
  • Specific material: UL flame retardant, REACH, RoHS

Aesthetics to please the eye: colours and shapes adapted to the medical, health, beauty and laboratory environment as well as the identity of a product range.

Medical, laboratory, paramedical, cosmetic