Our strength | Choosing the right technology: LTPCASE, the alternative to injection moulding | Choosing between an ElectroniCase bespoke and a machined standard enclosure

LTPCASE : Our strength

Over 1000 customers, engineers, purchase managers, small or large businesses have enjoyed and appreciated the quality of our work and the numerous advanatages of our process : TOOLING FREE PLASTIC FABRICATION.

Immediate contact personn for you...

Our experienced team is at your service and will guarantee the best solution for your needs

Flexible design

Thanks to its unique zero tooling technology, at no extra cost, our process allows modifications at any steps of production: you can then optimize your cost, we will adjust the enclosure accordingly…!

No minimum quantity

From 1 unit to thousands, your order uses the same process, with the same level of quality

High Quality Enclosure

Our process is organised around ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the quality of our products

No toolling cost

No mould no tooling is a great opportunity for you to test on your circuit board or other parts without high R & D costs!

Plastic pros

You benefit from advantages of the plastic such as:

  • Light weigth : limited handling and transport cost.
  • Multiple design options like curves, rounding, part graving...


Our conductable copper-paint brings solution for almost all your EMI needs, by total or selective application


To take the right decision, when it comes to choosing a suitable technology for the development of a custom designed enclosure, front panel, cover or housing for an electronic device, ask yourself the right questions :

  • Will my device be developed further or be modified?
  • Will the volume production generate the needed return on investment for an injection mould?
  • Do I have sufficient time for the design and manufacturing of an injection mould?
  • Are my forecasted production quantities high enough to absorb the tooling and future modification costs?

LTPCASE “no-mould”

For the majority of small to medium size production runs, LTPCASE "NO MOULD" has incontestable economic advantages towards the injection moulding technology:

  • Flexible : Modification possibilities without any costs, as we manufacture based on plastic sheets without any injection mould.
  • Quick : No additional delay to design or built an injection mould.
  • Serenity : Testing a new market with a finished product, ready to be used, entirely custom designed, without investing into an injection mould.
  • Economic : Thanks’ to our optimised process, an entirely integrated internal production, we can fulfil your budget restrictions.

LTPCASE no-mould

ELECTRONICASE bespoked or STANDARD machined enclosure?

To make the right decision, when it comes to choosing between an ElectroniCase bespoke and a machined standard enclosure:

  • Compare the price of a complete and finished ElectroniCase enclosure to the total costs of a machined standard enclosure. (Cost of each sub-contractor, logistics and administration).
  • Evaluate the adaptation costs of the components to the standard enclosure versus a bespoke enclosure, adapted to your components.
  • Consider the enclosures lost during the machining process and the transfer between the various subcontractors?
  • Inevitable increase of the delay through the machining, painting and marking work flow executed by several sub-contractors, instead of having just one contact?
ELECTRONICASE bespoked or STANDARD machined enclosure?

The advantages ELECTRONICASE

The advantages between ElectroniCase custom design versus standard machined enclosures:

  • Immediate : Quote online for a custom design solution;
  • Quick : A ready to use prototype within 5 days;
  • Unique : Entirely custom designed and adapted to your components;
  • Aesthetic : With unlimited finishing solutions, 100% adapted to the identity of your company, your product and your market;
  • Simple : Efficient and quick, with one single contact for all production steps: Design, product design & manufacturing;
  • Budget : With the handling & transport costs, comparable to a re-worked standard enclosure.
The advantages ELECTRONICASE