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DesignCase – LTP will conceive your specific bespoke enclosure:

Starting from scratch: Based on your technical specification check list, we will start from a blank page and design your bespoke plastic enclosure with the La Tôlerie Plastique technology: NO MOULD and 100% CUSTOM DESIGNED.

  • Enclosure ;
  • Front Panel ;
  • Cover ;
  • Housing ;
  • Sloped Enclosure ;
  • Desk / Console Enclosure ;
  • Cover ;
  • Panel ;
  • Box ;
  • Trap-Door ;
  • Fixture.

We are on your side for the development of your bespoke custom design housing NO MOULD in small and medium production runs, respecting your R & D procedures:

  • A partner with over 30 years’ experience ;
  • An enclosure by designed by experienced R&D professionals, based on a technical specification check list ;
  • A certified and standard production process ;
  • Advice and follow up to achieve an adapted aesthetic and technical result.

LTP – embellishing your device is our job!

  • LTP advises you to find the best solution and designs your bespoke custom enclosure, cover, housing based on the “no mould” technology ;
  • Our construction office makes over 30 years of experience available to you, understands your application environment and requested standards ;
  • Considering functional obligations, general robustness and/or specific requests such as uniform or selective coatings, removable parts, maintenance, component maintenance/replacement or specific tolerances ;
  • Necessary features for the internal component mounting ;
  • Respecting aesthetic requests such as shape, paint, varnish or marking.

Enclosures entirely designed and manufactured by LTP: