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Complex ou Simple? How to choose between LTP "entirely customized" & ElectroniCase "standard to con

This is very simple: You only have to fill in online your contact details and activate your account via the link sent to you in an email. Attention the VAT number is compulsory.

Yes, exactly. You choose a model and enter the dimensions, which you require. You also must indicate specifications such as cut outs, recess, windows, vents, internal fixtures, print, paint and/or clear varnish. The quote will be immediately available online in your account. Setting up an account and generating an instant quote are totally free of charge and without any commitment.

ElectroniCase is a very innovative offer in the plastic enclosure market: A range of pre-designed standard enclosures to configure. This range is entirely customizable and configurable: dimensions, cut outs, fixtures etc. You can find further information online: www.electronicase.co.uk

Furthermore, ElectroniCase allows to create an instant quote, based on your specifications, independently online.

Yes. We have identified the need for the most current enclosures and developed a specific offer: ElectroniCase.

This is a range of pré-designed standard enclosures, to configure, that allow a quick and low-cost production. You can find further information and the models on: www.electronicase.co.uk.