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Finishing: Paint, Varnish, Clear Varnish & Print

Yes, all tones and finishings among the RAL or Pantone range are available.

The raw material is either white or black. With the paint option all tones and finishings are possible. Our team will assist you in making the right choice.

Yes, our digital printer allows all kind of marking, including four-colour printing.

Yes, any print or marking is made on site with our digital printer, which allows a wide range of possibilities, including four-colour printing.

The costs of the varnish and/or the paint depend upon the size and the shape of the enclosure. They must be calculated for each project. On average, one can expect a flat rate of 75€ for a prototype and approximately 10% of the enclosure serial price for 100 pieces.

This depends on the chosen model. For the EC10-100-0 it is possible, as the enclosure is made of two mechanically separate parts.

Our team will advise you.