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Manufacturing an enclosure for electronic devices by using the metal sheet bending technology: "Tôle

We break down the volume of the enclosure or the housing into elementary parts, which are than milled flat in plastic sheets. Some are formed on our bending machines, finalized in our production – still without any mould -, and then assembled via different gluing methods or chemical welding.

The technology « Tôlerie Plastique » has been invented in 1985 by the founder of the company LTP. Since than it is a proven technology and we manufacture over 200 000 enclosures every year.

As this technology does not request any specific mould nor tooling, evolutions are possible before any serial production, through the modification of the programmes.

It is the most performing technology for small and medium production runs. The final quality is close to the injection one.

Yes of course. It has been our job for over 30 years. We can offer you to design and produce a customized enclosure without any mould, based on plastic sheets, via our in-house owned technology: « Tôlerie Plastique ». The technology « Tôlerie Plastique » has been invented with this goal: Designing and producing customized plastic enclosures and housings WITHOUT any mould for small and medium size production runs.