Standard Models adjustable to your specifications :

We manufacture your plastic enclosures: all our concepts below are pre-programmed models, you can adjust the design to your specifications for your electronic enclosures. We use standard plastic or flame retardant plastic, fully finished : standoffs, bosses, threaded inserts, cutouts, openings, windows, acrylic windows, part graving, silk-screening in a single step, according to your needs and specifications.

Custom made in 5 days :

ElectroniCase is a time saver for you, you can focus on the electronic parts while we take care of the plastic enclosure. Our process is fast, reliable and efficient.

No tooling cost, no minimum orders :

Our zero tooling technology requires no additional time, no investment, no minimum orders ! Our goal is to help you achieve your project, whether you need one single prototype or mass production

Enclosure - Case - Housing - Control Panel - Front Panel - Handheld Enclosure - Plastic part

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ElectroniCase is manufactured by LTP
An european ISO 9001 company
afaq ISO 9001